7. Engaging the Students

To promote the positive well being of students when they use or interact in the Internet. This involves understanding the risks of harmful online behaviour, have the awareness of how to protect oneself from such behaviours. 

Through this raised awareness and understanding, students reflect on their practices and learn to cultivate good life-long working habits. 

Opportunities are created for Student Cyber wellness Ambassadors to take up a bigger role to design and actively run selected topics of the school Digital Citizenship programme for the student community; hence a leadership development platform.

Engaging Students

1. Assembly Programme
  • Talks by ICT Department (Digital Citizenship)
    • Beginning of the Year: Revisiting "Who We Are?" - Our Habits
      • Computer addiction-related issues
      • Social emotional well-being
      • Time management and priorisation
      • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Talks by Professionals
    • School Counsellors
    • Agencies & Professionals from Infocomm & Social Media Industry

2. Orientation Programme (Sec 1)
  • Planned and implemented by student leaders
  • Poster Design - We can play a part

3. Character Education Lesson - Digital Citizenship

  • Lessons facilitated by Form Teachers and Cyber wellness Ambassadors

4. Advocacy Programme (Students-for-Students)
in collaboration with the Student Leadership Board
Advocacy is designed for students to champion a cause in which they feel strongly for - Cyber wellness and Internet safety

5. Digital Citizenship Week (Students-for-Students)

6. Parents Engagement Sessions (Students-for-Parents)
  • Experiential sessions led by Cyber wellness ambassadors
    • guide parents to learn and apply ICT skills that their children used to complete assignments
    • share with parents their experiences when learning with technology

Reaching out beyond the SST community

Cyber wellness ambassadors are given opportunities to be involved in student-led projects that creates an impact beyond the SST community.

1. Sharing at National Events

  • Sharing @ MOE ExCELFest 2013 (Seminar): Raising a 21st Century Child in the Digital Age
  • Sharing @ 938 Live Broadcast - hosted a live broadcast with relation to cyber wellness issues

2. Organising National Event: CWSAP Conference

  • Work with MOE ETD and IDA officers to plan and conceptualise workshops for Cyber wellness ambassadors from 200 Primary and Secondary schools